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Fordham University Uses 2023 Grant from the William F. DiPietra Foundation to Establish the William DiPietra Film Fund:

"The backorder from Kodak for the B&W Super-8 film has finally been fulfilled, and just in the nick of time with students on the verge of coming back. The film that you and the foundation have provided will be indispensable in allowing students to experiment in the medium that William loved so dearly. Tri-X Super-8 B&W film has a marvelous grain structure, and the students will be inspired by how it transforms the world into gorgeous, shimmering monochrome."


Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock
Visual Arts Program Head

Associate Clinical Professor

Fordham University
Department of Theatre and Visual Arts






2022 Holy Child Jesus Teen Drama Group Presents:
The SpongeBob Musical


The SpongeBob Musical is the 42nd production for the HCJ Teen Drama Group which began in 1972. They have hosted a production annually every summer, including during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the group created "QuaranTeen Drama: Theatre Workshops" to continue to encourage people in the arts.  During this time, online workshops were held, with Broadway actors and other professionals in the industry making appearances.  A grant from the William F. DiPietra Foundation helps fund the Teen Drama Group productions.


B & W film.jpg
production bows.jfif


2021 William F. DIPietra Film/Video Award Winner Uses Dance to Tell A Story

Steven Ruggiero  (Fordham University)


My film uses dance to tell a story instead of words. The protagonist finds a door which takes him from the exterior world into his own interior world where he interacts and grapples with his emotions, represented through a series of dance sequences.  The different scenes in the film represent a push and pull between the main character and his feelings: sometimes he embraces those feelings and moves in synergy with them, and sometimes he is at odds with them.. The journey that the main character embarks on is a personal one that doesn't necessarily conclude at the end of the film; rather, this work of "figuring out" oneself is ongoing. 


I'm originally from Annandale, New Jersey. I started dancing in second grade when my mother enrolled me in a weekly breakdance class at our local gym. I really fell in love with dance, and continued breaking through high school, at which point I started taking hip hop choreography and ballet. I also became interested in photography and film/video in high school, and I tried to find ways to incorporate my passion for dance into my newfound passion for visual arts. Dance is a very important part of my life and one that strongly influences my artistic taste and filmmaking practice. I'm currently a co-director of Mint Dance Company, a dance team in New York City that participates in competitions and showcases around the tri-state area.


I am a senior at Fordham, double majoring in Film/Television and Visual Arts. I'm also minoring in Psychology.   Post-college I'm planning on pursuing work in the film industry. In the past 6 years, I've done a lot of freelance videography, photography, and editing work for clients all around New York and New Jersey. I've shot promotional videos, weddings and bridal showers, dance content, music videos, and a variety of other video jobs. I also regularly shoot headshots and portraits for people, and I photograph events and campaigns, including some for students on campus at Fordham. During the pandemic when a lot of live events and recitals were cancelled, I ended up producing several virtual events that were pre-filmed and broadcast online so that people could enjoy them without leaving their homes. I think that I'll continue freelancing post-college, but I'd like to start breaking into the production world. My dream job is to be a cinematographer on large films, so I'm hoping to start working my way up the ladder!



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