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Fordham University Uses 2023 Grant from the William F. DiPietra Foundation to Establish the William DiPietra Film Fund:

"The backorder from Kodak for the B&W Super-8 film has finally been fulfilled, and just in the nick of time with students on the verge of coming back. The film that you and the foundation have provided will be indispensable in allowing students to experiment in the medium that William loved so dearly. Tri-X Super-8 B&W film has a marvelous grain structure, and the students will be inspired by how it transforms the world into gorgeous, shimmering monochrome."


Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock
Visual Arts Program Head

Associate Clinical Professor

Fordham University
Department of Theatre and Visual Arts







B & W film.jpg

William F. DiPietra Grant Recipients are Headed to the Cannes Film Festival!

Exciting news for the William F. DiPietra Foundation!  One of our

grant recipients has been working on a feature-length film for

four years, and today it was announced that the film will be shown

at the Cannes Film Festival Directors' Fortnight.  It was filmed with

one of Bill's 16mm Arri cameras, and the film is also dedicated

to Bill.  Congratulations to Ryan Sloan, Ariella Mastroianni and

their entire Telstar Productions team.  Thank you for sharing this

honor with Bill.

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