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We thank the family and friends of William F. DiPietra, as well as the strangers who have been touched by his story, for their generous donations:

2020 Donor List

Mr. & Mrs. F. DiPietra

Mr. & Mrs. R. Gottcent

Mr. & Mrs. A. Steffa

Mr. David Mullen

Mr. Michael Englese

Mr. & Mrs. P. Tomasko

Mr. & Mrs. p. Carnevale

Miss Jeanne Shannon

Mrs. Karen Mifsud

Mr. & Mrs. A. Schiavo

Mrs. Louise Santangelo

Mr. & Mrs. J. Allocca and Family

2019 Donor List

  Mr. & Mrs. F. DiPietra

  Mr. & Mrs. R. Walker & Son

  Mr. & Mrs. P. Carnevale

  Mr. & Mrs. W. Ekstam

  Dr. & Mrs. J. Brudno

  Mr. & Mrs. A. Steffa

  Mr. & Mrs. J. Allocca

  Dr. & Mrs. M. Jablon

  Ms. Jeanne Shannon

  Mr. & Mrs. A. Daloia

  Mr. & Mrs. H. St. Denis

  Mr. & Mrs. P. Kingston

  Mr. & Mrs. J. Kurdziel

  Mr. & Mrs. A. Schiavo

  Mrs. Elaine Cavuto

  Ms. Paulina Salazar

  Mr. John Berasely

  Mr. & Mrs. P. Donavan

  Mr. Steve Kernkraut

  Mr. Hector Kang

  Mr. & Mrs. D. St. John

  Mrs. Karen Mifsud

  Mrs. Jaime Miller

  Mr. & Mrs. J. Salierno

  Mrs. Christine Conti

  Dr. & Mrs. Orrin Devinsky

  Mrs. Gail Zanoni

  Mr. Jonathan Valenti

  Ms. Regina Pitaro

  Uniformed EMTs, Paramedics & Inspectors, Local 2507

  Mr. & Mrs. J. Bisciello

  In Memory of Hector St. Denis

  In Memory of Darnell Mineo

  In Memory of Ursula Baginski

  In Memory of Betty Holmes

  Mr. Guy Bahat

  Mr. Anthony Silvestri

  Mr. Brett Hoff

  Mr. Trent Wolodko

  Mr. Paul McDonald


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                                                                                     Helen DiPietra         Frank DiPietra        John V. Salierno

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Professor Larry Banks               Professor Maureen Nappi, Ph.D.          Professor Claire Goodman ((Retired)         Constance Halporn                               Charulta Dyal

Chair, Media Arts                        Graduate Coordinator of the                 Media Arts  Department                               Long Island University  Alumna          Long Island University Alumna Long Island University                MA and MFA Programs                         Long Island University                                 M.A. Multimedia                                     M.F. A. Creative Writing                                                                      Long Island University                                                                                                  M.F.A. Photography                               M.F.A. Photography