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 "My Favorite Movie"  Art Contest
      Sponsored by the William F. DiPietra Foundation

This year's art contest was open to first through fourth grade students at St. Elizabeth Catholic Academy, Ozone Park, NY.  WiIliam F. DiPietra (Bill) attended this school from 1981 to 1989.  To remember and celebrate Bill's love of film, the students were asked to draw a picture from their favorite movie.  The Foundation awarded $25 Amazon gift cards to three students in each grade.  What wonderful and creative entries we received!

Winners were chosen by Helen DiPietra, President of the William F. DiPietra Foundation, and Ms. Paulina Salazar.. Thank you to Mrs. J. Merckling, Academy art teacher, for her assistance with this project. Please enjoy the winning drawings!


Grade 1

Gr. 1 c.JPG
Gr. 1 b.JPG
Gr. 1 a.JPG
     Valentina Sepulveda-Rojas                                 Zayan Mohammed                                            Ryan Lum
         Hotel Transylvania                                             Goosebumps                                                     Minions

Grade 2

Grade 2b.JPG
Grade 2c.JPG
Grade 2a.JPG
                                Adelyn Torres                                                                               Daniella Cedeno
                     Equestria Girls                                                                                      Minions
           Rodrigo Carvajal                     
                Sonic 2                                  
Gr. 3 c.JPG
Gr. 3 a.JPG
Gr 3b.JPG

Grade 3

           Safran Rahman                                                   Aleah Mohipaul
           Harry Potter                                                        Hocus Pocus 2
                                    Emilia Steadman
Harry Potter 7                                                                       

Grade 4


Gr4 b.jpg
Gr 4 a.jpg
           Abigail Guachichulca                                            Geronimo Ruiz
            Black Phone                                                         Hocus Pocus 2
Gr4 c.jpg
                                    Mia Landazuri
Hunger Games                                                                       

Art Contest winners with their principal, Miss Shannon, and art teacher, Mrs. Merckling:

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