First Annual William F. DiPietra Foundation Photography Exhibition


        Submissions were open to all current LIU Brooklyn students (undergraduate, graduate), and Alumni, who were enrolled in a photography class in the Media Arts Department.  This exhibition celebrates the vast diversity of artistic talent that resides in the Brooklyn Campus.  Many thanks to the exhibition curator, Constance Halporn, and distinguished judges, Kathleen Collins, Morgan Post and Thomas Werner.

        Included in the exhibition, in memoriam, are the photos of William F. DiPietra.

        The gallery photos are thumbnails.  Please click on photos to view enlargements.

Jarrett Esaw                 Instagram:  @jwgt_esaw      @nocolor_jte

        First Place 
Maria Palacio

First Place (Graduate)
John Blue        

Honorable Mention
Paul Bolis               

Honorable Mention
Michael Van Gorden              Instagram:  @visualgalaxy

Honorable Mention
William F. DiPietra       In Memoriam


                                                                                                                      EXECUTIVE BOARD

                                                                                     Helen DiPietra         Frank DiPietra        John V. Salierno

                                                                                     President                 Vice President         Attorney at Law.

                                                                                                                      ADVISORY BOARD

Professor Larry Banks               .                Professor Claire Goodman ((Retired)         Constance Halporn                               Charulata Dyal

Chair, Media Arts                                         Media Arts  Department                               Long Island University  Alumna          Long Island University Alumna

MA and MFA Programs                               Long Island University                                 M.A. Multimedia                                     M.F. A. Creative Writing                                                                Long Island University                                                                                                        M.F.A. Photography                               M.F.A. Photography